Music in the Schools

Amber Trio members are teachers and will perform interactive school programs of all types ranging from from Baroque and Classical to jazz, pop and Disney.  Available to all public and private schools across Northern Illinois, the Chicago Federation of Musicians helps to provide performances geared for preschool through high school students. Our musicians will perform one 45 minute concert or two 30 minute programs scheduled within two hours. The CFM will match the cost dollar for dollar.  Cost of a trio performance is $617.17 but the Chicago Musicians Union pays half, so the cost to the school is $308.59.  Call or email the Amber Trio today and they will work with the Musician’s Union to provide a fun and educational musical experience for your students!

Sample program:
Amber Trio
Music in the Schools
Concert Music to be Chosen from the following list
Franz Joseph Haydn – Musical Clock Suite
Quinto Maganini – The Troubadours
Elizabeth Aitken – Cake Dance Suite
Ludwig von Beethven – parts of trio opus 87
Traditional – Five American Folksongs
Graham Powning – Three Jazz Etudes
Gary Powell Nash – Soulful Trio
Alan Menken – Disney Tunes arranged for 2 oboes and english horn
Tricia, Chris and Nancy are teachers and this program is interactive and will be tailored to the age of the audience